Stop Bullying: Know the Signs and Consequences

by Jenny Holt from Why Team Building 


Bullying takes on many forms, but there is always a victim, perpetrator and even an audience. When a person is bullied, it may take a physical form such as pushing, shoving, hitting or other types of applied force. Teasing, name-calling, and hurtful comments are considered verbal abuse. You might also become a victim of social bullying where you are belittled in front of everybody, become the center of gossip and rumors, left out in groups or embarrassed in public. Bullying is not only confined to schools or the workplace. Unfortunately, cyberbullying is now also very common; this involves a person being threatened or intimidated by messages and other forms of electronic communication such as posts and photos.

Whatever form of bullying is occurring, it is incredibly distressing to the victim. Bystanders who witness the acts of bullying are part of this appalling situation. The physical, mental and psychological effects of bullying are explained in this article which outlines the devastation a victim faces when bullied.


Jessica JonesStop Bullying: Know the Signs and Consequences

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